Endless stretches of powdered, sandy beaches with crystalline, turquoise waters, fields alternating with tea, vanilla and coffee plantations, women in colourful clothing carrying all sorts of goodies on their heads, excellent cuisine, affordable luxury and unique hospitality that will remain unforgettable! Bali welcomes you as it is one of the most idyllic honeymoon destinations of our times!

This small Indonesian paradise literally looks like it’s been taken right out of heaven! Do not resist the magic, surrender to the white sandy beaches, relax while swaying in a hammock and sipping on a tropical cocktail, discover the impressive underwater world of the island by diving into coral reefs and wandering within the dense jungle boasting with stoned-built Hindu temples.

Add Ubud to your must-do bucket list, the lively, artistic heart of the island. Traditional dance performances, festivals and walks within the city’s Palace and Monkey Forest are just a few of the things that visitors enjoy.
You should also add to your itinerary Bali’s most beautiful waterfall, the Tegenungan, as well as going on a rafting adventure in the jungle!
Rejuvenate your body and spirit with yoga classes as well as relaxing massages while listening to the natural sounds of the forest or the sea.

Simply because no holiday is complete without coming face-to-face with the various culinary challenges of a destination, you should definitely not leave Bali without trying the Nasi Goreng. This is perhaps Bali’s most common dish, although it is very popular throughout Indonesia. Actually, this dish was voted the second most delicious dish in the world in a CNN poll conducted in 2011. It is made up of fried rice with garlic, chilli and sweet soy sauce! You should also try the Lawar, Gado, Bebek bututu (duck) and Ikan bakar (fish).
Tropical cocktails don’t need special introductions. Choose what flavour you want to prevail and allow your palate to explore new horizons.

As we have already mentioned Bali offers affordable luxury. So we have chosen three stunning hotels to recommend to all of you who are thinking of jetting off to Bali for your honeymoon.
1. COMO Shambhala Estate, Payangan
Just a 15-minute walk away from Ubud’s centre, this impressive resort is surrounded by tropical landscapes, relaxation spots, a spa and an impressive outdoor pool as well as magnificent views. All the guest rooms are decorated with wooden furniture and white toned fabrics. Experienced professionals revitalize your body and soul through yoga exercises, Pilates, acupuncture and nutrition programs.

2. Amandari 
A stone-made tiger statue – left behind by a Hindu priest in the seventh century – stands next to two temples as a reminder that the village is blessed, exactly 129 steps from Amandari. Deeply connected with the surrounding community and the landscape, the resort offers a range of experiences, including exploration of the arts in nearby Ubud and hiking through the surrounding fields and tropical jungle.
The villas, which are paired perfectly with natural surroundings, distinguish due to their refined simplicity and luxury, making them the perfect hideaway for your dream honeymoon.

3. Villa Joglovina
A 150-year-old building is home to the impressive Villa Joglovina, where architecture highlights the culture of the region. Nestled on a hilltop overlooking the sea, the exceptional design and aesthetics of this building will definitely make you feel like you are in paradise. Every villa offers a 360 degree view of Bali’s natural beauty. The polished wooden floors and warm decor combine and create an intimate setting and ambience that reflects the Balinese hospitality completely.

honeymoon Bali

Useful Tips: 
Do not consume tap water.
Do not eat fresh salads and vegetables in restaurants where you have not seen their kitchen.
Facial sunscreen is a basic accessory!

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