Firstly, it was proclaimed as the best destination for honeymoons worldwide! And then the rumours that Jennifer Aniston was planning to honeymoon on the island surfaced, now that her beloved proposed! So even if you are not convinced that Santorini, the island that takes your breath away, is the ideal destination for romantic honeymoons, then continue reading and you will definitely be convinced once and for all (this is where I went for my honeymoon, so I know what I’m talking about).

Ελλάδα Σαντορίνη μήνας του μέλιτος

At a time when Greece is internationally being belittled, due to the financial crisis, some values remain untouched. According to a poll recently conducted by the US site US News Travel, which included experts and travellers, Santorini was rated first in the best honeymoon destinations worldwide while Crete was ranked third! Paris came 10th, Florence was ranked 5th and Venice came 6th. UPON SETTING FOOT ON SANTORINI YOU WILL BE INSTANTLY CHARMED, no matter whether you arrive by air or sea. It is not only that the island offers the most mesmerising sunsets in the world. The view from Caldera takes your breath away. The picturesque settlements made up of whitewashed island architecture, and the romantic restaurants and cafes that dot Caldera, providing stunning views of the volcano, merge to create a magical setting ideal for a romantic honeymoon. Apart from all the above, which other island is home to black and red sandy beaches?

AND WHAT ABOUT FOOD? There is only one thing to be said. While in Santorini, you’ll understand what Greek cuisine really stands for. From Firostefani’s moussaka baked in clay dishes to Oia’s fried tomatoes, and Fira’s Greek gyro…this might be the best food you have ever tasted. Try the gourmet restaurant Selini in Fira, the traditional tavern Aktaion (this is the one that makes the moussaka I mentioned…) but also the Vanilia in Firostefani, which serves creative Greek cuisine in a lovely courtyard overlooking the stars! It goes without saying that you should not leave the island without tasting the traditional sweet tomatoes!

REGARDING ACCOMMODATION: Due to the many options you will not be able to decide! There are stunning and picturesque hotels carved into the rocks, which are also luxurious and stylish with suites and private villas, where you will enjoy excellent service and warm hospitality. Some of the all-time-favourite hotels include Katoikies in Oia, Chromata in Imerovigli, Canaves in Oia, Cavo Tagoo in Imerovigli and Santo Maris Luxury Suites and Spa in Oia.

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