If you are planning your honeymoon while simultaneously you are people who respect and care about the impact our actions have on the planet, you cannot help but love these six hotels. Found in unique locations, almost heavenly, with absolute respect for the natural landscape and the people who live there, they promise you’ll enjoy unique moments of relaxation and luxury!

Wooden hanging bridges trail through the jungle, candle-lighting and water playing the lead role as the most important element of life, the owners’ of Azulik promise you’ll experience unique moments in this earthly eco-paradise. While overlooking the beautiful waters of the Caribbean and the deep philosophy of Maya being visible even in the smallest details, Azulik invites you to relax and rejuvenate within the hotel that was completely constructed by natural materials, without of course depriving from the necessary luxury that a honeymoon requires!

Located in the heart of an olive grove and only a few kilometres away from the colourful capital of Morocco, the Berber Lodge, composed of nine separate houses, which follow the style and materials used in the Bereber villages, the local tribes that invite you to discover the unique nature that surrounds it. It even promises to override all five senses through the services it offers always in perfect harmony and respect towards the natural environment. Colourful organic fabrics decorate the resort’s areas, natural materials have been used for the construction of furniture and of course fine organic raw materials, which will delight your palates, are just a few of the things you’ll encounter!

If you are dreaming of a different kind of honeymoon, and the Africa is amongst your first choices, then Bisate Lodge is perhaps the ideal choice. Situated next to the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, this property is a shining example of respect towards our planet as it is a result of the community’s cooperation and reforestation in an area of natural beauty with protected wildlife. You can search for gorillas that inhabit the park by following their footprints. As for your accommodation, the huts made of natural materials with excellent aesthetics that feature African art motifs cannot fail but impress you.

Where the pitch-black volcanic sand meets the endless blue Aegean, at Perivolos in Santorini, you’ll find a unique accommodation, consisting of only 12 suites that combine modern design and natural materials. With the island’s local stone as a predominant characteristic, some wooden furniture and handmade linens, Istoria undoubtedly leaves its mark. Relax, rejuvenate and reflect on everything that concerns you, within the splendid suites, the spa, which overlook the infinite blue sea. Do not forget to try the traditional and modern flavours offered by the chef of the restaurant Alexander Tsiotinis.

In the heart of Tanzania, next to the Ruaha National Park, perched on a small hill in Jabli Ridge, stands the most elegant place you could have ever chosen to explore the surroundings and relax. The beauty of the region does not only lie on the impressive biodiversity that surrounds you but also in the dialogue which the area magically invites you to start with yourself with the intent to awaken and rejuvenate. The eight suites available are hidden behind large boulders that are in the surrounding area, making them look like an integral part of the natural environment. Set off on a safari, relax by the pool and go on leisurely strolls are just some of the activties that the Jabli Ridge offers.

You’ll find the two red barns or the heart of Le Bran amongst silver birches and oaks. Facing the dense Rambouillet forest that surrounds Le Bran, nobody can imagine that this little gem of relaxation is just a few kilometres away from the centre of the French capital. A great love between Henry the fourth of France and his mistress Gabriel d’Estrées flourished right here. This hotel invites you to leave behind the hustle and bustle of bust cities and relax while listening to birds singing, listen to yourself and to share special moments with your beloved within the natural environment that surrounds Le Barn.

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