This beautiful and picturesque country is a great option, especially for couples who want to experience the unique Northern Lights experience. Apart from the capital Oslo, which will enchant you, explore the magical forest Marka, admire the 343 lakes around the city and its 40 islands, and the glacier Briksdalsbreen. Also, pay Bergen a visit, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe (home to the largest number of bars across the country), and the beautiful, colourful city, Odda. Don’t forget to visit the famous Geirangerfjorden fjord (an UNESCO World Heritage Site). Finally, visit the the National Gallery, to view the famous artpiece “The Scream” by Edvard Munch.

Where to stay:
«The Juvet Landscape Hotel» of architects Jensen and Skodvin, located by the river of Valldal at a rural town.

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