After choosing a wedding dress, shoes and wreaths, the time has come to choose your one and only bridal bouquet. The “gem” that the groom will hand you as soon as you meet him during the ceremony, it will show off your appearance, while emphasising the style of your wedding. To make things easier for you, below are 15 ideas so that you can create a special and impressive bouquet.

Romantic brides usually choose a single kind of flower to make up their wedding bouquets. For a better result, opt for fuchsia coloured peonies tied to make a round-shaped bouquet. And the more the better, since the bigger the bouquet the more impressive the result will be.

γαμήλια ανθοδέσμη με λευκές ανεμώνες
wedding bouquet with white anemones

If your wedding, especially your wedding dress, is the epitome of French finesse and elegance, while for the wedding colours you have chosen black and white, this romantic bouquet with white anemones is made just for you.

γαμήλια ανθοδέσμη με ροζ snowberries
wedding bouquet with pink snowberries

If you want to stand out choose something different for your bouquet, such as pink snowberries! The contrast the pink fruit makes with the woody stem creates warmth that fits romantic brides. Tip: You can make the same bouquet in smaller sizes for the bridesmaids.

γαμήλια ανθοδέσμη με

If you want glamorous and elegant touches at your wedding your bouquet should be equally impressive and elegant. Orchids are associated with elegance and glamour, especially white ones. Prefer a lengthy bouquet to look like a veil, and choose a chiffon ribbon to tie it.

wedding bouquet with blue hydrangeas


A large-sized bouquet, made up of only one kind of flower and colour, is always impressive and extreme. It’s a great idea to choose flowers in bright blue, such as hydrangeas tied up in a round shape. Blue creates the ultimate contrast to a white wedding dress, especially if your wedding is taking place in the Mediterranean!

γαμήλια ανθοδέσμη με λεβάντες
wedding bouquet with lavender

And simply because among us there are brides who love nature, this bouquet will definitely be what they have imagined! So if your wedding is ecological, then a lavender bouquet will help emphasize this feature even more while adding a lilac colour touch to the whole scene. Opt for a simple, elongated form and use a bag cloth to tie it up.

red wedding bouquet with apples and berries

This bouquet would definitely be chosen by a bride whose wedding is taking place in the countryside, somewhere where wine would flow in abundance, while traditional music fills the night. Its red and green colours, created thanks to the apples and wild flowers, are combined in such a unique, original, but familiar way.
Tip: The whole wedding decoration should follow the same style.

καλοκαιρινή γαμήλια ανθοδέσμη με κίτρινα τριαντάφυλλα, ροζ πεόνιες και ρόζ english roses

This is yet another impressive summery bouquet, which emits a unique character. This is a playful composition of various kinds of flowers and colours, while the starring colours are bright yellow, green pastel and soft coral. And in order for your pop-art bouquet to pop up better, prefer round-shaped bouquet.

γαμήλια ανθοδέσμη με αποχρώσεις του μόβ

This is one of the most romantic bouquets you can have at your wedding…  Especially if you are a fan of purple, then you will fall in love with it at first sight. Use different kinds of flowers, but make sure they are all in shades of lilac and purple, tied together in round shape. The result? A bouquet made up of intense colour that might even steal a bit of your glow!

γαμήλια ανθοδέμση με λιλά ανεμόνες και φιόγκο απο ασπρές και μαύρες ρίγες
wedding bouquet with lilac anemones and ribbon with stripes

For rock brides or better yet for unconventional brides, a bouquet of flowers (e.g. anemones) in bright dark colours is a must! It is a great idea to have the bouquet tied in a round shape with a black-and-white ribbon to contrast with the dark colour of the flowers. If the ribbon ends up in a big bow, you will add to the extravagant rock bride look.

wedding bouquet with a white maroon
γαμήλια ανθοδέσμη με μανόλια σε λευκό χρώμα

If your wedding is simple, then it’s a good idea for your bouquet to be made up of a single but large flower, such as an impressive white maroon. Purity, simplicity and uniqueness all in one! This will be the message you will convey, especially if your wedding dress is minimal.

γαμήλια ανθοδέσμη με αργιολούλουδα λεύκα και πράσινα

Imagine the setting: Outdoors in nature, in a small chapel, just before sunset, a couple is preparing to exchange vows of eternal faith and devotion, while later they will have lunch in a tavern under the moonlight! As for the bouquet: it could not have been anything else but bulky, long, green and white. An alternative bouquet, and particularly ecological, that fits countryside weddings like a glove!

wedding bouquet with white peo

You’ll look just like the Snow Princess when holding this beautiful, romantic and overpowering bouquet in pure white! A round shaped bouquet that will be even more stunning if the white peonies’ buds are still closed. Among them, it is advisable to place grey wild flowers just to break the monotony of the white colour.

wedding bouquet

This trendy bouquet is ideal for those who love intense feminine colours. It is also an extremely summery idea. Prefer using flowers in vibrant colours such as fuchsia and coral so as to contrast with your white wedding dress. For a better result opt for a round-shaped bouquet and tie the flowers with a coloured ribbon.


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