If you are tying the knot in nature or within an impersonal venue, you’ll most probably want to upgrade your setting. How? By creating a reference point: setting up a wedding background that will add character and style to your wedding. So, if you want your wedding photos to be liked on Instagram, take a look at our wedding background ideas.

Create a unique background overflowing with greenery and flowers, which looks as if it was designed by Mother Nature herself. It is intended for those who will get married within a clearing in the forest.

An ideal wedding background for pop art and funky styled weddings is a heart made of flowers.

This modern background created with panels and different geometric tribal patterns fit summer weddings with African features.

Create an impromptu hanging construction combining fringes with earthly materials and flowers.

This background would fit a spring wedding best since it is made up of the white curtains decorated with roses and greenery.

If you want a background that emits warmth, tranquillity and a dose of nostalgia, then use a lot of candles and small hanging lights.

If you want your wedding background to be in perfect contrast to your white wedding dress and the groom’s black suit, choose a fabric with a deep ombre tint decorated with a flower garland.

A bronze frame exudes an air of elegance and becomes the perfect backdrop for an elegant and chic wedding if it is decorated with garlands of burgundy roses and greenery.

Creating a background made up of ship’s rods in a unique composition and countless candlesticks, adds a distinct nautical look to a wedding.

In an impersonal and simple room add an aristocratic touch by hanging bronze frames in front of a white fabric decorated with flowers.

If you are thinking of an airy setting, hang lots of delicate-looking fabrics and ribbons in white and light blue shades of ice from the roof.

This idea is ideal for a relaxed bohemian wedding set up in the forest. Hang a white cloth with a printed message for your guests.

Opt for a minimal wedding background, made up of a white curtain with fringed ornamentation on the top.

A green-fringed background instead of fabric fits an eco-friendly wedding like a glove.

An abstract painting work is the perfect background for a bohemian wedding, surrounded by a wooden construction, paper bags filled with colourful flowers and ivory candles.

Create a wedding altar reminiscent of Downton Abbey (TV series) by using airy pink fabrics, placed like curtains and decorated with flowers.

A rather cold setting can acquire an enchanting style with a set of hanging lights and balloons in metallic silver that will form the word Love.

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