You may be dreaming of a wedding overflowing with flowers, or walking down an aisle filled with rose petals. Whatever your floral dream is, to make it a reality, you need to find the right professional florists or people who specialize in the field. How? Take a look at the tips below.

groom and bride with a wedding bouquet

A first step is to visit florists and discuss with staff about the colours you want to be dominant at your wedding, as well as the style and colour of your wedding dress and listen to their suggestions and advice.

florist prepared a wedding bouquet
flower shop

It is essential that you determine the budget in advance; that is, the amount you can afford to spend on the wedding decoration, the bouquet, the decoration of the car and the reception. This way, the suggestions you will receive will be more specific.

flower bouquet in a vase

The choice in flowers and other decorative materials varies depending on the season the wedding will be held. Take into account the season the wedding will take place and consult your florist to be recommended the right choice.

flower guide by season
flower guide by season

Ask the florist to show you samples of their work and you will find out right from the first visit whether you can trust them with your wedding.

get organised for your wedding decoration
wedding flower bouquets
wedding flower bouquets

Make sure you are clear about the date, time and venues the wedding and reception will be held at and inform them swiftly about any changes that may occur. Also settle the financial aspect of your cooperation in advance.

wedding bouquet

Before choosing the colour and type of flowers that will decorate the church and the reception venue as well as your bouquet, ask professional florists if the flowers of your choice are resilient and will remain fresh during the season your wedding will be held.

prepared a wedding bouquet
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