The first thing your guests will see, once they take their seats at the wedding dinner, should be a pleasant, sweet, stylish surprise on their plates that addresses them personally. Take a look at the ten ideas we propose for decorating dinner plates and you will surely find one that matches your wedding style and theme.

An olive wreath, that symbolises glory and which according to the ancient Greeks was a symbol of divine powers, is a nice decoration for your guests’ plates. It fits eco-friendly and minimal weddings.

If you like to look at life through pink glasses just like Edith Piaf did with her song La Vie en rose, then decorate your guests’ plates with fragrant pink roses tied to silk ribbons. Just because life is rosy!

The food of “mortals and immortals”; the golden colour of honey suits weddings that have touches of gold. Offer each of your guests this divine food, which, as the ancient Greeks said, granted immortality and power.

A cupcake is a great idea and a treat no one can resist. Make sure the cupcakes match the wedding theme and table centrepieces.

If your wedding dinner will have a gourmet character, it is a great idea to place a composition of appetisers like cheese and fruit on each of the guests’ plates.

A refreshing way to show your guests to their seats at a summer wedding is by decorating each plate with a peach (or whatever summer fruit you like), on which a flag will be affixed with the guest’s name.

A pouch and a freshly cut bread roll with herbs will transport your guests to the countryside. This idea is perfect for country-themed weddings.

What do you think about printing every single guest’s name on a sous plat so that he or she finds their place easily? The guests can also take them home as a gift when they leave.  Do not forget to print your ones as well: the bride and groom!

A handwritten card depicting the guest’s name and decorated with mint or basil, will urge your guests to link your wedding with the fragrant flower you offered them, thus creating a sense of intimacy!

If instead of a gift, you would prefer to place the wedding dinner menu on your guests’ plates (especially if it is a 7-course dinner) in order to increase their appetite, tie it with a silk ribbon and decorate it with an aromatic herb, such as lavender.

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