Have you started planning your wedding reception? Read the article below and get inspired to create a perfect setting that will remain unforgettable. All you need to do is decide on the wedding colours, as well as how formal your reception and dinner that will follow will be. We present 15 ideas, which cover and finalise the details for all tastes.

If you’ve chosen to decorate one of the most beautiful and joyful days of your life in bright colours, then choose a combination of about 5 colours and stick to them. This idea fits modern weddings that also emit a nostalgic character (example: embroidered lace runner lace in the middle of the table).

This is the new trend that has emerged in vintage decoration. So why not use it at your wedding dinner, especially if your wedding theme incorporates vintage touches? Just combine different materials such as wood and silver while adding romantic touches like flowers and candles in antique vases and candlesticks.

An old table, an embossed plate and flowers with vintage colours create a rustic atmosphere that will impress everyone. If you are a lover of this look and style, adopt it and you and your guests will feel like movie stars; it fits weddings that emit romance.

If you are a fan of the classics, then to achieve this effect and style at the wedding dinner use rich fabrics, which will enhance the large and flowered centrepieces. Little details like fringes will make a difference. Colour-wise, choose duller colours that will contrast with the rich and bulky fabrics.

To create a relaxed setting for you and your guests, opt for white dinnerware and soft coloured flowers, placed in simple vases. This idea fits romantic-minimal weddings.

King Mida’s touch may have been a curse, but when it comes to your wedding don’t be afraid to “touch” and “spread” gold fearlessly, which can be complemented with touches of turquoise! Gold symbolises luxury, a royal style and majesty. If your wedding has these features, what more do you want? Do not forget to add table runners and lace.

These particular transparent chairs are a trademark for a more modern wedding. So combine them with soft colours and an impressive, but distinct, perhaps subversive chandelier, such as the boat in the picture, depending on the theme of your wedding dinner.

In this idea the dominant colour is baby blue, which exudes romance, simplicity and tranquillity. Of course, if you want your dinner to emit a classic French finesse choose elegant dinnerware, in blue and white, which will be complemented with white flowers placed in the middle of the table.

Classy, imposing, with exaggerated touches. If you choose gold in combination with blue for your wedding, then surely the minds of your guests will travel to other times. This idea fits weddings with a great dose of glamour and classy finesse.

Back to basics…Why not? To decorate the wedding dinner naturally, use as foundation wood and the colour green. Fill the setting with many plants by placing them as simply as you can. The general rule here is simplicity and abstraction! This idea is suitable for minimal weddings.

Since it’s probably the most romantic occasion, there is no better way to do this than to appoint pink and fuchsia to the leading roles. The result will be amazing! If your wedding will have a sophisticated style, then this should also appear in the laying of the wedding table.

If you wedding dinner will exude a summery mood, then blue, the colour of the sea, should play a leading role. You can use striped fabrics that remind us of a nautical look, decorative shells, starfish and even candles, as well as dinner sets in the same colours; everything can be combined properly to compose the ultimate setting.

Do you want to escape and avoid the stereotypes? Then put all your imagination to work and bring out your creativeness. Only then will you have a unique and a completely personal outcome. A table runner that you will decorate using different kinds of coloured ribbons will surely impress. This fits weddings with a romantic bohemian character.

If you want to feel part of nature on your big day, then create a setting for your guests, where they will feel like they are going on a daytrip. Rich colours and unexpected touches, such as the pomegranate in the photograph, will make up the ideal backdrop.

Here’s an idea for the intellectuals … Decorate the tables with items you love. If books are important to you, then let them play a role on your wedding day by using them as decoration, on the tables for example.

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