Since the wedding dress, the cake and the party carry a… life expectancy of up to 24 hours (unless you hold a three-day wedding); you can invest a little more in a particular accessory, which you will possibly use for years. We are referring to the bride’s bridal heels, for which more and more brides prefer models that can be re-worn. … “Get In” the bridal shoes and take a look at everything you need to look out for before you buy them.

First of all, you must consider how tall you want them to be. Take into account the length of your wedding dress, how tall you want to look, and whether you have ever worn (this is very important) or are used to wearing high heels.

Another factor, which you should take under serious consideration, is the wedding venue and reception area.  For instance, if your reception will take place outdoors within a grassy area, a stiletto will make your life difficult. Platforms or wedges are a far better choice.

How formal is the wedding? We are asking because the shoe material is what will make the difference.
νυφικά παπούτσια λευκά με φιόγκο

Do you want to wear them again? Until recently the most popular bridal shoes were the traditional ivory satin heels. But now, brides prefer to spend a bit more, so they can wear them after the big day as well. In fact, designers have answered their prayers and have created ‘pieces of art’ for the bride’s feet!

light blue wedding shoes with tulle flower

Even though the bride’s shoes remain hidden under the long hem, when it’s time to dance the shoes make their appearance! So why not invest in a pair of orange heels? It’s fun to use a different colour, unless Cinderella is your idol.

But the most important factor is that the bride feels comfortable in the shoes. When you walk down the aisle no one will look at your shoes. But you’ll be the one that remembers you wore red shoes. You be able to laughingly tell your children: “I was far ahead of my time!”

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