twins flowers girls with the signs "here comes the bride"

They are one of the cutest touches of a wedding in Cyprus, and symbolize happiness. We are referring to the flower girls and page boys, the little children that will accompany you to your wedding, which should be selected with care, and you should devote time to guide them properly. So, take a look at everything you need to look out for.

flowers girls
wedding flower girl with Hippie style and ring bearer outfit page boys

Prefer selecting flower girls and page boys between the ages 4 – 10, since younger children will find it difficult to comply and understand their tasks. As for the ages over 10, when puberty begins, they are usually not so flattered by the idea of wearing children’s dresses or costumes.

bride with flower girls, white wedding bouquet and white head wreath
flower girl and bride with flower head wreath

Usually relatives’ or friends’ children are selected for the position, or the couple’s children of course!

wedding ceremony flowers girls and page boy

Explain to your flower girls and page boys what they need to do exactly, how to move inside the church, etc. For example, at the start the boys will be by the groom’s side while waiting for the bride, while the girls usually accompany the bride.

wedding flower girls holding floral baskets
wedding page boy holding sign "here comes the bride"

What will they be holding? Either a bouquet of flowers or baskets filled with rice or petals to throw on the couple. At innovative weddings boys can hold signs that write, “Here comes the Bride,” etc.

flower girl and page boy with balloons

Do not forget to transfer your positive energy to the flower girls and page boys and tell them that if they smile will look more pretty than ever!

bride and flower girls wear the same dresses
wedding page boys with suspenders and pink bow tie

The girls usually wear dresses chosen from the same bridal house as the wedding dress. If the bride has some ornaments in her hair, it would be a good idea for the flower girls to wear the same for uniformity.  As for the boys, they usually wear suits (if it’s summer they wear trousers, a shirt and tie or bow tie) based on the style of the groom.

flowers girls in the park

Regardless, the key is to make them feel comfortable with what they are wearing (avoid going overboard), as well as with the surroundings so that they don’t start complaining.

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