Perhaps the second best thing in a wedding, immediately after the actual ceremony and the wedding party and before the couple sets off on their honeymoon, is the next day! Plan an after wedding brunch for your loved ones, close friends and relatives, and talk about everything that happened on the most special day of your life over steamy coffee mugs, scrumptious muffins and brioche with salmon!

Although the after wedding brunch must be relaxed and stress free, it also needs some planning and preparation so that the result will be rewarding both to you and your guests! Thus, start from the invitations! Print individual invitations that can follow the overall theme that you chose for the wedding or pick something completely new and unique.

Once you have invited your loved ones, you need to decide on the menu. An all-time-classic choice for a brunch are pancakes with various toppings, jams, fresh fruits, cereal and of course the king of brunch, eggs cooked in different ways! You can also set up a table with everyone’s favourite sweets like donuts, various cookies, cupcakes and an after-wedding cake. Platters filled with different kinds of cheese and charcuterie is always a safe choice.

As for the decoration, you can use the flower arrangements you have used at the wedding ceremony and dinner the previews day, or you can order new, small bouquets. A definite must at every brunch are cool and light cocktails, which are appropriate for day drinking. Hibiscus Mimosas as well as Melon Patch are both great cocktail choices! Make sure there are fresh juices and lemonades for those who do not drink alcohol.

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