2019 has brought new wedding cake trends too! As it has already been revealed by last year, the art of confectionery has reached a new level, where new materials and inspirational confectioners create wedding cakes that look like small pieces of art, that leave no one unimpressed.

wedding cake with pear slice cake decoration

Sugar pastes, butter creams, different coloured chocolates, dried or naturally made flowers are all created by sugar alchemists, resulting in tasty and visually impressive cakes.
One of the latest trends of 2019 are the cakes created with embossed patterns that look like marble. These small sculpture-like cakes are created in different colours, yet couples tend to prefer these cakes in shades of white. Bold shaded cakes have also made their mark, which are the ideal choice for those who are not afraid to opt for a different wedding cake in matt black and teal shades. Geometric patterned cakes and especially square cakes are gaining more popularity as well.
Romantic decorations, reminiscent of asymmetric multilevel porcelain, hand-painted creations, fresh flowers and fruits are created using new techniques and approaches, as well as printed patterns made with edible inks are waiting to be discovered and find the perfect cake for your wedding.

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