Now that social networks have conquered the world, weddings can’t be left out from this craze. Besides, everyone is on social networks: from the in-laws to distant relatives who can’t wait to learn all about the wedding details (from what the bride was wearing to how the party progressed). But let’s see how you can use social media at your wedding and have a great result.

Select an easy hashtag (#) so that guests can remember it, especially those who have the memory of a goldfish. You could also fill your wedding venues with stylish signs like, “Your photos will remain eternal if you use this hashtag: #pariselenieverafter on Instagram, Fb, Twitter” etc. Another idea for a # is to combine your surnames, which is perhaps the best and easiest idea for those who have a lot on their minds. Do not forget to choose a # because then you will not find your wedding photos on social networks.

γαμήλια hashtags

If you do not have a wedding photographer, encourage your guests to take photos and share them on their social networking pages. This can be noted in small letters on the wedding invitation or announced on the big day by setting up a smart billboard or banner.

wedding prop

It is the new trend abroad. We are referring to Instagram booths, the dark room you all know and love, with the difference that now your funny, crazy or serious looking poses will be immediately uploaded on to Instagram with the wedding hashtag. And that’s not it! Your guests will be able to print them and take them with them as a souvenir, just like a normal photo booth!

wedding hashtags

For starters, you need to decide and choose on which social network(s)  you will publish the details of your wedding. Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp are some of the most popular platforms chosen by couples to inform their friends and relatives about their preferences, during and after the wedding. Make sure to place the logo of the social network you want to use in a prominent position such as on a blackboard, a poster, or anything else you can use during your wedding as a projection (like on a vintage wooden door if the wedding has a vintage look).

bride hair preparation before the wedding , have a selfie photograph with her friend

Everybody loves a bit of backstage gossip. Your wedding guests are no exception! So do not forget to upload pictures of your engagement ring on Instagram or when you’re getting ready on the day of your wedding.

during the wedding ceremony the groom waiting for the bride, and two guests

You may find some time to tweet or update your Facebook status on your wedding day but do not overdo it. A groom should not be stuck on his mobile on one of most important days of his life. So assign someone to take over your social networks for that day!

διακόσμηση χώρου με κεριά και λουλουδία

If you belong to the category of gadget freaks then gadgets must be included in your wedding. Here’s an idea:  Place a laptop, a projector and a screen somewhere within your reception venue. Ask your guests to tweet their comments and any other detail they capture at your wedding and upload it to Twitter. Tweets, small videos, and live stream photos will automatically appear on the timeline that will be displayed on the screen in real time.

unplugged camera and phones for wedding ceremony

If as a couple you want to set some limits, and social media is not your thing, you can do it with smart signs such as: “We invite you to be constantly present during our ceremony with your mobile phones and cameras switched off. We promise we will share our big day with you shortly through social media” or “There is a lady here taking photos … We asked her to come … So leave your smart phones and cameras aside for today “!

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