One of the latest trends is holding weddings in a familiar environment, which is none other than your house! More and more celebrities and couples show interest in holding their wedding in a friendly atmosphere, and the backyard of their home is the ideal place. If you are interested in holding your wedding at home take a look at the following tips.

First you need to prepare your guest list in order to decide which yard is the most suitable to set your wedding (parents, grandparents or your own home if you have one).

If you do not have a backyard and you want to add a touch of friendliness to your wedding, do not worry, there are plenty of solutions. You can transform a warehouse or an outdoor area (for instance a forested area). You can also use an interior venue and decorate it with the appropriate items (hanging plants and wooden details) to make it look like an exterior area.

Prefer to use simple decoration, but this does not mean your wedding venue will look barren. Use unique furniture, like wooden tables and cosy armchairs, low centrepieces, chic dinnerware and airy draperies.

Avoid bright lights and colours. Illuminate your yard with dim lighting with little lights and hanging glass balls. You can also use lanterns to highlight the friendly atmosphere.

Instead of choosing complicated menus prefer simplified and familiar dishes like family recipes. It is the perfect opportunity to advertise your grandmother’s delicious apple pie.

Don’t even think about appearing with an over-the-top wedding dress! To create a relaxed atmosphere you must choose something more casual, a simple dress with vintage touches or a tea-length dress. If you opt for a tulle-made extravagant wedding dress the only thing you’ll achieve is wiping the entire backyard as you greet your guests.

Just like the dress, choose comfortable shoes to wear like ballerinas in order to walk with ease in the garden or yard.

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